I specialize in the programming and design of game systems and game mechanics, applying my thorough knowledge of both Unity and Unreal and their scripting interfaces to craft complex gameplay. All of the below projects were created solo as prototypes to demonstrate my design and prototyping skills. Playable demos of these projects are available upon request.
Starfire Tactics
A turn-based tactical RPG in the vein of the XCOM or Fire Emblem series. Showcases sophisticated data-driven mechanics, complex game-state flow via hierarchical state stacks, and pathfinding over irregular-cost terrain. Created in Unity 5 over the course of a week using almost entirely custom assets.
A simple first-person 3D puzzle-platformer themed around breaking out of a futuristic prison. Showcases AI features such as pathfinding, line-of-sight cones, pursuit behavior, and loss of awareness. Created in under three days in Unreal Engine 4 using a mix of free and custom assets.
Super Shovelware RPG
A turn-based fantasy RPG designed to be as bland and generic as possible. Showcases data-driven design, queue-based game-state flow, and dialogue/scene scripting. Created in Unity 5 using only freely available assets.