I have several years of practice composing music with popular music composition tools, including FL Studio, LMMS, and FamiTracker. With few exceptions, my tracks are intended as placeholder music for video-game projects, and typically loop seamlessly when used in low-latency audio engines. Below are some of my best original compositions. I also have other tracks, primarily derivative works, on my SoundCloud account.
Flora Soundtrack
A nearly complete soundtrack created for a fantasy strategy game. Composed in a limited orchestral style with every track designed to loop perfectly. Many of the tracks have both normal and calm variants which can crossfade seamlessly at any point, enabling the engine to dynamically alter the intensity of the music at any point by switching tracks.
Main Theme
The main theme, to be used on the main menu and title screen.
The tutorial map theme.
Stride (Calm)
Calm variant of the tutorial map theme.
An anticipatory track for pre-battle preparation.
A tense map theme for when the enemy ambushes the player.
Strain (Calm)
Calm variant of the ambush map theme.
An upbeat character theme.
A melancholy character theme.
The game-over theme.
Other Tracks
Miscellaneous compositions from other projects.
A map theme for a space tactics game.
Commander Core
A menu theme for a sci-fi game.
Save the World
Final boss music for a fantasy game.
Space Battle
An upbeat track for an arcadey space shoot-em-up.